Pigskin Prognosticator Make your college and NFL picks with this app!

Pigskin Prognosticator: Make your college and NFL picks with this app!

Making your picks for this weekends college and NFL games can be a daunting task. But never fear, the Pigskin Prognosticator is here to help!

Just enter in your picks for each game and the app will calculate your chances of winning, losing, and tying. It will also give you an overall ranking based on your performance.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today and see how you stack up against your friends!

Football Forecaster: Get the inside scoop on the latest matchups from this app.3. Betting Board: Compare odds and make your bets with this app.4. Wagering Wizard: Boost your chances of winning with this helpful tips from this app!

As the 2018-19 NFL season rapidly approaches, football fans everywhere are gearing up for kickoff. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the pigskin or a new fan just trying to learn the ropes, we’ve got you covered with the best NFL apps to keep you in the know all season long!

Football Forecaster is your one-stop shop for all things NFL. This app offers in-depth matchup analysis for all games each week, letting you know who the favorites and underdogs are and giving you a breakdown of how each team is performing. You can also use Football Forecaster to make smart bets by comparing odds from different bookmakers.

If you’re looking for another great app to help with your betting, look no further than Betting Board. This app offers detailed odds comparisons for every game as well as valuable insights from professional handicappers. With Betting Board, you’ll never have to gamble on a game again without knowing which team has the best chance of winning!

And finally, if you want to give yourself an edge over the competition this season, be sure to check out Wagering Wizard. This app is packed with helpful tips and tricks to let you become a betting pro in no time. From advice on how to read lines to picking winners against the spread, Wagering Wizard has everything you need to make money this football season!