About Me

I had two dreams. Making music, and working the land. Music came first. In 1999 I formed a band called Southern Bitch. Including myself, my wife, a bassist and a drummer, we were a four piece inspired by the rock legends of the 60’s and 70’s. Riff-driven and loud, our shows were energetic, and we were often billed with acts such as Lucero and Drive-By Truckers. Towards the end of 2007, with three full-length records under our belt, Southern Bitch was coming to an end.

By now the need to put down roots was running deep. The opportunity to revive the family farm in Virginia came into play. In January ‘08, my wife and I loaded up and moved to the mountains, not far from the place I was raised.

For seven years I farmed, struggled, grew, and succeeded. My most noteworthy accomplishment was the heritage pork I raised and sold to restaurants in Nashville TN, Charleston SC, and throughout the Southeast. Ironically, the roots I put down sent me out on the road as much as I ever was with the band... and after seven years, with experience that only nature, animals, life and death can teach, I began to accept that music is the greater gift I have to offer.

The time I spent away from music was necessary. That life experience could not have been gained otherwise. What matters most to me now is to create music that is potent, honest, and real. Music that reaches deep. And to have a great time doin' it. So let's do a show! With a new album to release, and new material to perform, I'm bringing everything I've got.